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    Search the Scriptures to find Spiritual Nourishment

    Are you getting the spiritual nourishment you need? We all know the feeling of not eating healthy. That feeling sucks. To be health you need to get the right nutrition. The same can be said about your spiritual health. Without regular nutrition from the Bible our inner life will start to be suffer.

    Feeling down, frustrated, stress or lost then fill up with God's nutrition. Search the scriptures to uncover the Bible's profound truths and guidance and Let the Bible steer you to a happier life!

    If you need assistance finding Bible verses or want enrich your life we recommend Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll's book called Searching the Scriptures. He'll show you how to find and analyze the scriptures and help you discover God's Word in a new light. This is a true guide to spiritual enrichment through the word of God.

    Recommended book on searching the scriptures

    Want to search the Scripture of the Holy Bible?

    Test your knowledge of the Bible by taking our short Jesus quiz. However, be aware, you might find it slightly tricky. The quiz will cover various sections of the bible making sure you are tested. Here's a couple of tips quiz tips:
    • Make sure you review the Bible life categories by searching the scriptures using our search tool at the top of the page
    • Try again if you do not get a perfect score. Knowing the ins and out of the Bible is a skill, we will help you craft this skill.
    • Share your results with your friends and family. We allow you to easily share your quiz using your favorite social media site like Facebook, Twitter and google +.