List of Bible Verses to Remember

In this day and age there are things we should not have forgotten. We have forgotten that decisions and actions have consequences. We live under the delusion that we have achieved great things by our own strength, and by that same strength we can solve mankind’s problems – no divine help needed. We have undervalued the important things in life that have true worth.

The Bible contains many scriptures, Bible verses to remember, warning us not to forget and encouraging us to remember (i.e. Joshua 1:13, John 15:20, and Revelation 3:3). Sometimes we are asked to remember what God has done for us. On other occasions we are told to remember to obey and trust in God.

Below is a list of good Bible verses where we are reminded to remember.

Deuteronomy 11:17 – Remember That There’s Always A Cost

We live in a culture driven by instant gratification

We continually want, want, and want; and we must have our wants now – having lost the concept of “you get what you earn.” We’ve developed the habit of scanning the news for five minutes, and presume ourselves experts on current affairs.
This has fostered an attitude of annoyance and intolerance for the past. Today we are happy to live with amnesia, lest we risk remembering that we are to serve God and not ourselves. The historical revisionist have edited His pen strokes out of history, and society has accepted their revised editions. We go out of our way to keep God out of the decision-making process, but blame Him for the hiccups and tragedies that follow as a result.

Count the Cost

In Deuteronomy 11:17, one of our Bible verses to remember, the Israelites were told of the consequences for forgetting about God and living like He does not exist. Like the land wastes and withers away because of a lack of water, so does the soul and country that refuses to drink from God’s spring. The Israelite did not heed God’s warning. The book of Judges describes what happened when they forgot God: idolatry and immorality became common practice; followed closely by persecution that drove the Israelites from their own homes. All because they became forgetful and grew complacent of the fact that God redeemed them for a relationship with Him. Many churches and countries would do well to learn from their poor choice, and then purpose to always make God honoring decisions.

Romans 1:20 and Psalm 19:2 – Remember Your Creator

The truth is that we are all without excuse. These two Bible verses (Romans 1:20 and Psalm 19:2) best describes the current scene in the field of science. The stars are not just balls of gas burning billions of miles away – they have structure! The structure of organs reveals irreducible complexity. The cells that make up the organs are replete with little machines coded for specific tasks. This digital code is housed in DNA – an information source so complex that one human DNA molecule can fill 1000 books of a 1000 pages each, all filled with meaningful information!

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All things in the universe scream that God exists

To not see His fingerprints is to be blind on purpose. After this self-imposed blindness, we willingly proclaim ourselves as gods. We need to remember our Creator to fight our tendency of arrogance. When we remember God, we remember what He has said and that we should do it. Remember, He said – “Behold, I am coming soon…” (Revelation 22:12).

Proverbs 2:1-2 and Proverbs 3:32 – Remember What’s Important

Everyday there are millions in the rat race. Chasing after money, lusting after power, flirting with sensual pleasures, and desiring more and more of each. At the end of the day we come home empty, unsatisfied, and alone. There must be something more to life other than this drudgery?!

Solomon answered the same question

Solomon had wealth, power, and many wives. He called it all meaningless – everything done under the sun is meaningless (Ecclesiastes 1:14). Solomon came to the realization that he had given too much importance to pursuit of meaningless things. In the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes Solomon concludes that wisdom is the only thing that is worthwhile collecting. In Proverbs 2:1-2, Solomon addresses the reader as one of his children. With a father’s love he tells us that wisdom should be seen as treasure to be sought after and our ears should always be ready to hear it.

Where to start?

Like in every treasure hunt, one needs to know where to start. Solomon’s starting point for wisdom is phrased in several ways (see Proverbs 1:7 and Proverbs 11:20). However, Proverbs 3:32 stresses the relational aspect of wisdom. This beautiful bible verse contrasts the perverse and righteous people. Perverse people have hearts inclined towards evil and meeting their own desires. However righteous people have hearts inclined to honor God throughout the moments of their lives. God deals with the righteous person as one of His close friends.
Solomon states here that it is wise to seek friendship and relationship with God, and that you do this by respecting and honoring Him.

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