The Bible has many verses regarding the topic of love. The love between husband and wife. The love of parents for their children. God’s love for humanity. And, our responsibly of love. We will discuss the latter below in detail. However, before we dive into what the Bible say’s here’s the top list of love scriptures from the Bible.

Best Love scriptures list

Love scriptures from the Bible
Love Scriptures from the Bible

How to love scriptures Explained

The Greatest Command – Deuteronomy 10:12-19

How to Love God

Jesus Christ was asked on one occasion to give the greatest Biblical commandment (Mark 12:28-34). Jesus responded by quoting a section of the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:5 & 10:12). This is a command for us (then Israel, now Christians as well) to love God will all our being – the capture of the heart by His Holiness; the nourishment of the mind by His Truth; the worship of the soul for His loving faithfulness; and honoring Him with all the body’s strength.

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How to Know You Love God

There are two ways to know if you love God or not. The first way is to be circumcised. “What?!”, you ask. Before you get worried, I don’t mean physical circumcision. In love verse 16, God is referring to circumcision of the heart. This means to separate oneself from sin. The heart that loves God belongs to the person that continually seeks to remove sin from his/her life.

The second way involves the Greatest Ethic!

The Greatest Ethic – 1 John 4:7 and Mark 12:31

The Apostle John tells us in 1 John 4:7 that God is love. Meaning that love is God’s nature, and that He is the source of all love. Because God is love and we are to love Him, we are also to love other people. Actually, we show God’s love and our love for Him by loving other people. Making the love of God and the love of others the Greatest Ethic by which we can live.

In one of the love scriptures, Mark 12:31, Jesus Christ calls the love of others the second greatest commandment. Jesus joins the greatest and second greatest commandments to show that the second flows naturally from the first.
Jesus also gives us the standard on how we are to love others.

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Practicing Great Love – Luke 6:31, Romans 12:9, and Luke 8:35

Testing Love

The Bible commands us to love our neighbors. A neighbor, in the Biblical context, is every person other than yourself. And according to Luke 6:31, yet another one of the Bible’s love Bible verses, Jesus expects us to love every other person that crosses our path with the same level of respect and moral responsibility we expect others to give us. Love is patient thing and is all round us, so consider everyone as your neighbor.
Genuine Love

Every Christian is to love each member of the body of Christ in a deliberate, willful, and unselfish manner. This is how the world recognizes that disciples of Jesus Christ – that we love one another just as Christ loved us. Christian love knows no limit, deliberately demonstrating affection to others. A christian willing comforts and encourages those who are outcasts. The christian shows love to others by setting aside his wants and putting the needs others first.

This love is the kind of love we are to show to our neighbors as well – deliberate, willful, and unselfish.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top love scriptures. Do you think another love scripture should be added to the list? Then let us know through a comment below.

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